Pups Jewel X Ticho geboren

Pups van Jewel en Ticho zijn geboren op 15-01-2015!!!!


championshipclubshow Beagleclub Netherlands


Vandaag tijdens de Kampioensclubmatch van de Beagleclub Nederland hebben onze honden het super gedaan!

Today at the Dutch Beagleclub Championshipshow ou're beagles did a great job!


About us


My name is Yvonne Houwen-Rikken. For a few years now, together with my husband Patrick and our two children, we have been breeding Beagles.

So why Beagles? We were looking for a great versatile dog with a very loving, cheerful character that was also very child-friendly.

We like to be very active with our dogs. The Beagle satisfies all those requirements, and above all they also have the looks and the charm.

As a result, the Beagle has also stolen our heart. We cannot imagine a life without them anymore. Beagles are great and lovely dogs to deal with.

All this made us decide to concentrate on breeding Beagles. It is our aim to breed healthy and beautiful Beagles full with character.

I love to go with our dogs to dog shows but love agility to.

A beagle is a good dog for agility although they have to obey you otherwise there is no point in starting it in the first place.

In December 2008, I was assigned my kennel name “From Yvori’s Joy” by the “Raad van Beheer” the Dutch Board of Governors.

I chose this name as it consists my first name, my maiden name and the word Joy in sense of joyful. It is that what (and being a Beagle breeder brings) Beagles bring me everyday.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have lots of fun with my website!